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I agree that some things are so strange, so vagrant, that they are at least very difficult to ignore. Nearly impossible to walk by or pretend they haven’t happened. Imagine a person in a powerful position — ok, let’s uncoil the whole rope. Imagine a Member of Parliament treating his office as if it were an out station for a nudist colony, and who went all Adam, full starkers, while communing with other MPs on the Zoom machine. They were wearing clothes. He explained this was an oops-a-daisy moment (my bad), never to happen again, and that deep down he knew that Zoom was not really an audition medium for the more progressive strip joints. A week or so later he treats the world, well — Ottawa anyway — with another back-to-nature moment, again on Zoom, where he does a narrowcast of himself streaming a golden arch into the office coffee cup. Caught short he was. In his defence he pointed out he was on a landline this time, and it should be noted the toilet was a good six feet away. It is, I agree, a tempest in a coffee mug, but still hard to fully ignore.

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