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Since the election, several Republican-run states have taken steps to tighten up their voting laws in ways that maintain easy access to the polls while severely limiting opportunities for election fraud. When Texas tried to pass such a law, the Democrats responded by walking out, ending the chance to vote before the session ended. However, Governor Greg Abbott struck back hard and effectively, a reminder that it is possible to “out tough” the left. Just the News explains what happened: Texas House Democrats on Sunday night staged a walkout to block their Republican counterparts’ sweeping voter-reform legislation. The move blocked the passage of the bill by effectively ending the Texas legislature’s session. In the old days, Republicans would probably have shrugged and said, “What can we do? The session is over. We’ll try again next time.” But with midterm elections drawing near, next time will be too late — which is what the Democrats were counting on. Gov. Abbott seems to have been prepared for something like this, because he made it clear that he has no intention of letting the Democrats walk away from their game-playing.

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