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Critical race theory (CRT) has become a highly contentious subject in American discussion as conservatives push back on the expansion of its doctrine in curriculum for children. In response, the proponents of CRT, which encourages people to view history, society and one another through an obsessively racial lens, are resorting to deeply dishonest tactics. It is, of course, not inconsequential to change the way children are taught. When Americans express concern for the incorporation of racial teachings in schools, they should be heard and not dismissed by liberal elites. In a fundamentally dishonest opinion piece for The Washington Post titled “Why conservatives really fear critical race theory,” Christine Emba discussed her theories about why some have pushed back against CRT and Black Lives Matter (BLM) movements. She claimed that Republicans — and white people “in particular” — have grown less supportive of the BLM movement than they were before the death of George Floyd last year because “theoretical discussions of racial injustice turned into a more direct personal challenge to the race in power.”

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