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Another flip, this time to support a massive big-government inflationary statist policy, would be the final nail in the coffin for the CPC’s connection to their party base. Is the Conservative Party of Canada planning to run on a Universal Basic Income in the next election? Of course, it sounds absurd at first when you think about it. After all, a UBI would be a state-mandated guaranteed payment to every Citizen, regardless of whether people worked for it or not. It would be massively expensive, and dangerously inflationary, while acting as a disincentive to work, and a punishment for those who worked for their money and would have to pay for the program. And yet, after the CPC flipped on the carbon tax, nothing would be surprising. I have heard some similar things from some party insiders, so it appears there are discussions taking place within the CPC about potentially bringing the policy forward. Now, the discussion around the UBI is an interesting one from a policy perspective, and it’s something I’ve looked into in the past.

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