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In the latest 5-minute video for PragerU, Daily Wire editor emeritus Ben Shapiro tells the graduating class of 2021 that, as they depart from college to join the real world, they can stick to their values and push back against the ‘Woke’ in the workplace. For years, conservatives believed that once they graduated from college, they would leave all of the Wokeness of higher education behind them. But the business behemoths of the world, says Shapiro, have since joined the American universities in becoming “bastions of woke thought.” “Corporations cater to their squeakiest customers – and the authoritarian Left is nothing if not squeaky,” says Shapiro, noting that the Left threatens boycotts and bombards businesses with “company-destroying publicity” for not caving to demands. And these companies routinely bend the knee to “every woke diktat that blows through their HR departments,” he says. But it doesn’t have to be this way. “Find a group of likeminded employees,” says Shapiro. “Make demands that a majority of employees agree with. Be inflexible and be loud. Band together to resist the intrusions of the radical Left.”

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