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There are many ways the government could take concrete action to help Indigenous People. But all too often, politicians would rather focus on performative emotion rather than tangible outcomes. Following the tragic discovery of the remains of 215 children at the site of the former Kamloops Indian Residential School, politicians have been quick to respond. For example, Jagmeet Singh got choked up when discussing the discovery: “BREAKING NEWS: Jagmeet Singh breaks down and gets emotional on National TV today *Thoughts?” Singh also used the word genocide: “This mass grave is a painful reminder of the genocide,” says NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, urging emergency debate re finding at former B.C. residential school. “In light of this genocide Canada has to make some real tough decisions about our commitment to remedying this injustice.” Whether Singh was actually feeling that much emotion, or whether it was more of a performance for the camera is something only he knows. While it may feel crass or harsh to even bring that up, we know that politicians are often skilled at manipulating people, and emotional manipulation is their core strategy.

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