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Another day, another hate hoax. A construction company building a parking structure at Central Connecticut State University raised up a US flag at the end of a steel cable on a crane for the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The construction company wanted to honor military personnel by displaying an American flag for Memorial Day, but a complaint that the cable was a noose sent campus officials scrambling to take down the flag. Even after it was determined that the ‘noose’ was just a cable on the crane, campus officials still profusely apologized. A local NAACP chapter was also offended and said no matter what anyone says, the cable hanging from the crane is still a noose. Ronald Davis, president of the New Britain NAACP, told FOX 61 that “Regardless of what someone else says about that, what I see, as a black man? That’s a noose. Period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Take it down.”

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