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Even with the dog days of summer still a good month away, Ontario Premier Doug Ford already finds himself in the doghouse. Polling shows the Liberal Party — reduced in the election of 2018 to seven sad-sack seats, then gaining one in a byelection — is apparently now a mere sniff away from possibly regaining power if an election were held now. This is too quick a forgiveness. The Liberals deserve to be stinking up the bottom of the barrel for much longer considering the fiscal damage inflicted on the electorate when one of the survivors, Kathleen Wynne, was premier. She deserved to lose her seat, but the riding of Don Valley West, established in 1999, has elected only one Tory, David Turnbull, and that goes back to its inaugural election in 1999. The riding was particularly notable in the 2007 election because the seatless John Tory, then leader of the Progressive Conservatives, wrongly thought he could defeat his entrenched Liberal opponent. The NDP, forever an also-ran since the Rae Days of the early ’90s, is in dire need of a leadership change because Andrea Horwath is as musty a leader as they come and needs to be replaced with a fresher model.

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