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Two Conservative MPs had harsh words for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after he shut down questions about the threat Communist China poses to Canadians, including at Canada’s top microbiology lab, by accusing Conservatives of “pandering to anti-Asian racism.” Conservative MP Nelly Shin, who is the first Korean-Canadian to be elected to the House of Commons, said “As you know, Mr. Speaker, the Official Opposition have been questioning the Prime Minister on the topic of security at Canada’s top microbiology lab, and the partnership with scientists with ties to the Chinese military. Instead of addressing this important issue, the Prime Minister makes accusations of racism against those members asking these vital questions of national interest.” She goes on to cite the House of Commons Procedure and Practice rulebook. “The proceedings of the House are based on a long-standing tradition of respect for the integrity of all Members. Thus, the use of offensive, provocative or threatening language in the House is strictly forbidden. Personal attacks, insults and obscenities are not in order.”

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