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In Mark Carney’s worldview, Canadian energy sector workers need to sacrifice and be part of the ‘energy transition.’ But Carney can invest heavily in oil in foreign countries. They expect you to ignore this rampant hypocrisy. It has become fashionable to criticize ‘the elites,’ and I certainly do it quite often. However, aside from the fact that they aren’t really ‘elite’ in terms of the performance sense of the word, Canada’s so-called elites often differ from those of the past. Whereas those who succeeded most in the capitalist system were often advocates of ruthless competition (which gives opportunity to all who have the strength to seize it), the ‘new elites’ can’t even admit what they are. As a result, what we call ‘elitism’ is more of an attitude than a station in life, as many successful people don’t have an elitist attitude, while many failing individuals do. Rampant hypocrisy has become the order of the day, with a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality permeating everything. Consider Jagmeet Singh. Jagmeet Singh ripped ‘anti-maskers’ as ‘far-right’ people who don’t care about those around them. Then, Jagmeet Singh was found to have broken mask rules.

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