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Obama earned rightful derision for the fact that, no matter the occasion, his tweets were always about Obama. Memorably, when he marked the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks’s refusal to sit on the back of the bus, his tweet, rather than picturing Parks, pictured Obama on the bus, gazing wistfully out the window. However, at least he acknowledged the occasion. Kamala Harris took things to a whole new level when her Memorial Day tweet had a picture of her smiling, along with the breezy message to “Enjoy the long weekend.” Of course, Memorial Day is not just an opportunity for a three-day weekend. It is, instead, the day on which we honor those in the military who laid down their lives to preserve our liberty – or, in the case of the last 20 years of wars, who laid down the lives only for Democrats to squander their sacrifice. In my Southeastern neighborhood, half of my neighbors are ex-military and three-quarters of the houses have American flags, sometimes in great numbers. But Kamala Harris isn’t a Southeasterner. She’s a woman who was raised in the Berkeley region of the San Francisco Bay Area, an area that was often called Kremlin on the Bay.

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