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A House of Commons committee descended into a tornado of confusion this week as it tried to approve amendments to the government’s net-zero emissions bill. Environmental law experts have proposed significant changes to Bill C-12, the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act, that would bring the legislation in line with what climate scientists say is necessary for Canada to meet its international obligations. A wide range of environmental organizations say the bill will fall short because its ambition is too delayed, its consequences too weak, and its expertise too powerless. MPs also found themselves bogged down by procedural wrangling during Wednesday’s House environment committee meeting. At one point, committee members voted down a Green Party amendment because they expected to vote later in favour of a government amendment that would have accomplished the same thing — except that the rules say they can’t do that. “Is this an ideological reason, that people didn’t want to vote on the Greens’ (amendment) but are ready to vote on the government’s? I’m wondering,” said Bloc Québécois MP Monique Pauzé.

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