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If our leaders expect us to feel nothing but shame for the past, and demonize us when we seek to defend the national interest, what do they think will be the end result? Is it racist to oppose a foreign Communist military having access to our National Microbiology Lab? Justin Trudeau thinks it is. As we recently saw, Trudeau launched into a pathetic ‘racism’ smear against the Conservatives when they brought up the disturbing fact that officials in China’s military had large-scale access to the lab: “This is quite something. Justin Trudeau is asked about safeguarding Canadian institutions after scientists shared research with the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Justin Trudeau responds with a lecture about ‘anti-Asian racism’ and ‘diversity.'” With that in mind, we have to consider the broader implications of Trudeau’s recent remarks, and the approach he and many politicians have taken in recent years. When someone feels guilty about something, they aren’t in a frame of mind to stand up for themselves or defend their interests. That’s why guilt has been used as a form of control by institutions throughout history.

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