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It is not enough to debunk lies about electric cars once. We often have to repeat them so much that it seems people will finally learn. Yet, the same arguments keep coming back, as Colin McKerracher – from BloombergNEF – pointed out in a recent tweet. Mark Linthicum was probably tired of that when he created the animation above. Its mission is massive: to spread the truth about EVs. And we will need your help to get there, as we’ll explain. T&E (Transport & Environment) recently presented how much cleaner EVs can be due to battery recycling. In that study, the organization mentioned that even in Poland – a country that relies heavily on coal – electric cars emit 22 percent less CO2 than the cleanest combustion-engined vehicles. What the video adds to that is a calculation of how much they really emit. Wasting 70 percent of the energy contained in fossil fuels is not the only issue with combustion engines. Gasoline or diesel production also wastes a lot of energy, either in the form of electricity or fuel.

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