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In these uncertain times, it can be useful to focus on small acts of human kindness, to remember our shared humanity through the generosity with which we treat each other. In that spirit, let’s all take a moment to celebrate the inspiring story of Canada’s largest newspaper chain giving an obtuse fart a giant soapbox from which to spew the last of his venom on a world he doesn’t understand and from which he will soon depart! The National Post didn’t have to continue to publish Rex Murphy after he was fired from the CBC for criticizing opponents of the oil sands without revealing that he received money from the oil industry for paid speeches. It didn’t have to continue to publish him after he was let go from The Globe and Mail for unknown reasons (possibly for his climate change denialism). But it does continue to publish him, giving him a national outlet for all of his grumpy little columns about how white privilege is a myth despite being a living embodiment of it. In continuing to publish Rex Murphy, the National Post gives hope to all of our grandpas and uncles who aren’t invited to family BBQs anymore because they can’t stop talking about QAnon.

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