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Here’s the deal. If you had believed this was going to be an actual promise, you haven’t been following politics long. Joe Biden said no one making less than $400,000 will see their taxes go up. Well, when you propose $6 trillion in new spending, there’s no way the revenue structure can remotely work by not raising taxes on the middle class. It’s going to happen. One way or another the government will find a way to get their due on your labor. We noted before how Obama got the middle class to pony up more dough through payroll taxes. With Biden, he just going to let the Trump tax cuts for the middle class expire in 2025. So, there you have it again, folks. the Trump tax cuts did provide relief to most middle-income earners in America. It did create an environment for job growth. It allowed businesses to dole out bonuses to workers and re-invest in their establishment—but Joe Biden and the Democrats are coming to wreck everything.

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