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Nobel Laureate Frederick Banting has been taken off of a coin minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and been replaced with lab equipment, according to Blacklock’s Reporter. Banting was awarded the Military Cross for heroism during the First World War. He then went on to head the research team that discovered how to make artificial insulin in 1921. He was later awarded the 1923 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his work, and famously sold the patent for the insulin for a dollar. The exact reason for Banting’s cancellation is not clear, but there is a wave of officially-promoted erasure of popular figures from Canada’s past on social media and in real life. The Mint would not comment on the specifics of why Banting’s likeness was removed, and only released the following generic statement: “Public demand is high with many people collecting coins. The Mint produces commemorative circulation coins as a means to assist in the promotion of Canada’s heritage as well as Canadian values, culture and history,” “These special coins engage the Canadian public while raising awareness about topics, stories and events of importance to Canadians.”

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