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There’s no good way to introduce this, but for those of you who enjoy following the latest trends in gender medicine, the newest procedure being offered is called “nullification.” According to Align Surgical Associates, a medical practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area, “nullification creates a relatively continuous and mostly unbroken transition from the abdomen down into the genital area, enabling gender non-conforming patients to enjoy a body that looks closer on the outside to the way they feel on the inside.” The Align medical practice also offers other custom surgeries for unique gender identities, including a phallus preserving vaginoplasty, which entails creating a “functional” vagina out of scrotal skin while preserving the phallus. According to Align’s website, “this non-standard gender affirming surgery is an excellent way to align the way you feel on the inside with the way your body looks on the outside, confirming your gender identity and enabling you to live your ideal life.” They also offer vagina-perserving phalloplasties, which involves the “construction of a new adult phallus, while still preserving the presence of the vaginal canal.”

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