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Dozens of members of Parliament could lose access to the generous MP pension plan if they lose their seats in an early election because they would not have the required six years of service. Speculation is running hot in official Ottawa about the exact date of the next general election call. For 142 MPs, a few weeks either way could decide whether they retire with tens of thousands of dollars in pension benefits — or not. Nobody talks about it but everyone thinks about it, said a Conservative MP elected in 2015 who preferred to remain anonymous. According to the Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act, MPs have to contribute to the plan for at least six years before they can claim a pension. For the 142 MPs elected for the first time on October 19, 2015, defeat in an election taking place before October 19, 2021 would deprive them of access to an MP’s pension. At a minimum, they could lose a retirement allowance of just over $32,000 per year starting at age 65. This amount is indexed and becomes more generous based on the number of additional years of service. Currently, the annual base salary for MPs is $185,800.

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