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Trudeau advisor and former bank governor Mark Carney, who was recently featured as a keynote speaker at the 2021 Liberal convention, appeared during the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology on Thursday, where he could not answer if he believed there was an ongoing genocide taking place in China’s Xinjiang region against the region’s Uyghur minority. The line of questioning came from Conservative Shadow Minister Pierre Poilievre, who pressed Carney on where his company was sourcing polysilicon for solar panel construction. China, and specifically the Xinjiang region of China, is the number one producer of the important material in the world. After nothing that US lawmakers have voiced concerns that polysilicon is linked to work camps in the Xinjiang region, Poilievre asked Carney—who serves as the UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance—to promise that his company, Brookfield, would not source materials from the Xinjiang region. Carney said that he would ensure that his materials would not come from non-ethical supply chains. Carney said that he did not believe his source was unethical, though he did not know for sure.

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