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The unfortunate fact of life is that, eventually, it ends. When it does, it becomes necessary to dispose of the earthly remains of the dearly departed. Over human history, we’ve come up with various and increasingly creative ways to conduct funerals. In a bit of a continuation to our earlier list on weddings, let’s now explore some of the more strange and unusual funeral traditions from all around the world. The Famadihana – or turning of the bones – ceremony of the Malagasy people in Madagascar isn’t a funeral per se. However, it involves the dead bodies of your loved ones, so we’re starting this list off with it. Every few years, the Malagasy exhume what remains of the corpses of their ancestors and relatives. They wrap the remains in clean cloth and rewrite their names on the bundle. Then, it’s time to lift the corpse up and dance to raucous music while parading the dead body around its tomb. When the ceremony ends, the corpse is reburied to wait for the next Famadihana. The ceremony isn’t intended to desecrate the body. Instead, it celebrates the life of the deceased. Clearly the Malagasy don’t want their ancestors getting bored in their graves.

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