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For decades, Progressives have been making gains in America, and they’ve been doing it mainly because they were very careful and crafty in how they operated. A leftist will rarely come out and tell you what he is trying to do; leftists are stealthy and devious about their true intentions, disguising their motives with slogans like “for the common good,” “paying your fair share,” and “leveling the playing field.” They’ve slunk into nearly every walk of life, disingenuously labeling themselves “liberal,” when they are in reality anything but liberal. “Liberal” would mean they are open to the way others think. “Liberal” would mean that they don’t try to cancel those with whom they disagree. “Liberal” would mean being liberal, and letting people live their lives, provided they are not doing harm to others…which is more like the libertarian viewpoint. Progressives dominate our educational institutions, from elementary school to the highest levels of academia, and their indoctrination of our youths is shameless and insidious. Recent polls have shown that 25% of Americans now believe that socialism is a better economic system than capitalism.

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