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One of Joe Biden’s initiatives is to get Americans into electric cars. In his first week in the White House, he announced that he wants every car that the federal government owns to be electric. Moreover, his $2-trillion “infrastructure” plan calls for giving taxpayer-funded rebates to electric car buyers and to increase the number of charging stations (although without also increasing the amount of available electricity). What Biden and other Green Deal proponents are ignoring is that the lithium that is an essential ingredient in electric car batteries comes from slave labor in Africa. Don Surber (one of the best writers around) caught up with the Deseret News’s update about a lawsuit filed in 2019: An attempt by Congolese parents to sue Apple, Alphabet (the parent company of Google), Dell Technologies, Microsoft and Tesla in U.S. federal court received publicity from a story in the Deseret News. Don notes that the defendants assert that the cases should be dismissed because they have no practical or legal control over mining practices in a foreign country. However, Don makes the more important point that “just because something is legal that does not make it right.”

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