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At what point do we have to acknowledge that Canada’s Prime Minister is unwilling to defend Canada’s National Security? As we know, the most important job of any federal government is to defend the national security of the country. If a country doesn’t have national security, if it is being controlled by foreign powers or has been co-opted, nothing else really matters. For Canada, we are a nation that should have ironclad national security without much of a challenge. We are part of a strong alliance of similar-minded democracies through the Five Eyes, have a close military and economic alliance with the most powerful nation on Earth right next door, and are part of the NATO alliance, the strongest military alliance on the planet. And yet, our nation is increasingly co-opted by Communist China. This dangerous process has two key drivers: First, there’s the hangover from the ’embrace China and they’ll become democratic’ idea that existed through much of the 1990’s and 2000’s, only subsiding as Xi Jingping took power and which leaves many naïve arrangements still in place. Second, Justin Trudeau’s disturbing unwillingness to acknowledge and confront the danger China poses to Canada.

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