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When Vancouver police raided a Langley farm in November 2017 as part of a gang investigation, they found stolen cars, stacks of licence plates, bulletproof vests, gas canisters, black clothing with the Walmart tags still on and a dozen firearms. In other words, everything necessary to carry out a hit. “These kill kits were all assembled and ready to go at this farm,” VPD Supt. Lisa Byrne said this week. There were also two grenades, a silencer, an overcapacity magazine, balaclavas and latex gloves. Police believe the blueberry farm, co-owned by a man linked to the Brothers Keepers gang, was being used as a staging ground by would-be hitmen. No charges were laid in connection with the rural property on 240th Street. But owner Dave Sharma and other family members were taken to court last year by the B.C. government, which alleged the 17-acre farm was being used for criminal activity. After first denying the allegations in court documents, the Sharma family agreed to settle the claim last October by paying more than $200,000 to the director of civil forfeiture.

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