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Joe Biden wants to know what’s in your bank account, and he’d like to keep watching. That’s the alarming issue Reason magazine has explored, noting that buried deep within Biden’s much-touted tax hikes for “infrastructure” American Families Act unveiled last April 28 is a sneaky Democrat plot called the American Families Tax Compliance Agenda. That will force the IRS to hire 87,000 new IRS agents, all of them armed with vast, new, and expanded surveillance powers. Those powers include the “right” to continuously spy on Americans’ checking accounts through forced reporting requirements from banks on all cash flows. They will also spy on Americans’ PayPal and Venmo accounts in the name of knowing whether they are reporting their petty side income. The rich know how to hide their wealth, says Reason, so it’s not going to be they who get caught up in this federal fishing expedition and bankbook dragnet: Rather, it’s the folks who sometimes get paid “under the table” for informal gig work — babysitting, house cleaning, a stray manual labor job here and there, sex work, fixing a few cars, peddling homemade baked goods, occasional music gigs, selling things on eBay or Etsy, and so on.

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