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Sprinter Chelsea Mitchell is gearing up for a marathon battle as she and other female athletes fight back against Connecticut rules that allow men to compete in women’s sports. Mitchell recently spoke about her fight to save women’s sports from political correctness in an Op-Ed for USA Today. Connecticut allows males who say they are females to compete against women, framing its policies as support for transgender athletes. Mitchell is among four athletes — all top runners until they had to compete against men — who sued Connecticut over its rules. In April, a federal court threw out the lawsuit, according to the Hartford Courant. In her Op-Ed, Mitchell outlined why she was suing, noting that despite eking out some victories against males competing as females, “time after time, I have lost. I’ve lost four women’s state championship titles, two all-New England awards, and numerous other spots on the podium to male runners. I was bumped to third place in the 55-meter dash in 2019, behind two transgender runners. With every loss, it gets harder and harder to try again,” she wrote.

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