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Can you guess who the real perpetrators were? Did you hear about the two Jewish boys who threw a Molotov cocktail into an Arab house in Jaffa, severely burning a 12-year-old Arab boy? Of course you did, if you were in Israel, where that news was all over the place and many mea-culpas, mea-maxima-culpas, were uttered by Israelis in a state of shock and grief. Hundreds of Arabs came out in Jaffa on Saturday to demonstrate against this atrocity “committed by Israelis.” And outside of Israel, you were dutifully informed by the major media that Jews had firebombed an Arab family’s house, severely burning a young boy. Had you watched NBC News, or been reading its online news, you would have come across this item: “A 12-year-old Arab boy suffered burns to his face and was hospitalized in serious condition after an apparent arson attack on his home in Jaffa, The Arab media had no doubts. Middle East Eye, to take one example, breathlessly reported (and later apparently removed the report) that “far-right Jewish mobs” attacked an Arab home with a firebomb, that resulted in the savage burning of a 12-year-old Arab boy.

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