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On Friday, South Korean President Moon Jae-in became the second world leader to visit the White House since President Joe Biden took office. Our president decided to honor the visit with a classic gaffe straight from the Biden playbook. In this case, the president’s solecism came during his remarks after a meeting in which Biden said the delegations “discussed ways that the Republic of Korea and the United States will work together to address the challenges of our time,” according to a White House transcript. In addition to working together on pandemic-related issues, Biden said, the two nations would also work together on fighting climate change and ensuring both countries were at the forefront of new technological developments. “We also talked about how to harness our nation’s technological advantages to ensure the Republic of Korea and the United States are cooperating to shape — to shape emerging technologies around our shared value system. This includes everything from strengthening our cybersecurity to deepening our cooperation to build out an open secure G5 network — 5G network, I should say. I’m talking about the G-5, that’s another organization,” Biden said to laughter.

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