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Three out of four opinion polls released in the last week show the Liberals and Conservatives in a statistical tie. Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole and his advisors are said to be extremely optimistic about recent polling data showing the Conservatives and Liberals neck-and-neck amongst likely voters. Another bright light for the Conservatives is the self-described centrist voter pool, which more than half say they are unhappy with Trudeau’s government. A Leger poll for Postmedia shows the Trudeau Liberals at 32 percent while the Conservatives sit at 31 percent. This data is backed up by another Leger poll and an Abacus poll, with 34 percent for the Liberals and 32 percent for the Conservatives. The NDP stills holds on with around 18 percent in recent polling also. Polling numbers are also a mixed bag for the Conservatives, particularly for O’Toole. Two out of three voters still see O’Toole unfavourably, with female voters being extremely cold to the Conservative leader. Former leader Andrew Sheer had the same issue, lagging behind Trudeau by double digits among female voters for most of his tenure.

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