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Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren said Thursday that her husband’s cocaine and firearms arrest was politically motivated. The Democrat spoke briefly with reporters, claiming she had done nothing wrong and the police raid on her house and charges against her husband Timothy Granison were an attempt to discredit her reelection campaign. “I find the timing of yesterday’s events, three weeks before early voting starts, to be highly suspicious,” Warren said, in her speech, which was posted by Rochester First. “There’s nothing implicating me in these charges today, because I’ve done nothing wrong. I haven’t spoken to Tim since his arrest, and I’m not standing here to defend him.” Granison, 42, was part of a drug operation that had been busted with two kilos of cocaine, three guns and more than $100,000. Police found more than two ounces of coke and an unregistered gun at the house where Granison lives with the mayor Wednesday. “We need to ask ourselves, if this is not about politics, why is Tim’s next court date June 21 — the day before Primary Day?” Warren asked.

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