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The U.S. government has done a complete about-face on the controversial topic of unidentified flying objects and the potential existence of extraterrestrial life. After refusing to discuss the issue for decades, the Pentagon suddenly announced that it plans to release a report on its UFO findings next month. Conveniently, this focus on unidentified flying objects is occurring at precisely the moment that the Biden administration is struggling to manage multiple, catastrophic crises, including: the border disaster, mideast tensions, hyperinflation, crime surges and race wars. In 1947, conspiracy theories abounded after the government initially affirmed — but then quickly denied — that an unidentified flying object had crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico. For the past 74 years, there has been wild, escalating speculation that the government not only covered up proof of UFOs but was hiding credible evidence that extraterrestrial life had visited our planet. Last month, the conspiracy theories went into overdrive after the Pentagon claimed that the increasing instances of UFO sightings by Navy pilots dating back to 2019 were legitimate.

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