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A while back, we wrote about the new internet fad of eating rotten meat to get high. While this is only a fad – at least we hope so – people do actually eat some pretty gross things. Now whether or not a food is disgusting depends completely on how you view it. Culture influences our tastes, after all, so not all of these dishes might seem all that weird to some people. But most of the ones we collected here are kind of gross. Let’s start our food journey in the good ol’ US of A. There’s more to America than just apple pie and hamburgers, you know? The name “Rocky Mountain oysters” is a bit misleading, since the dish doesn’t contain any seafood whatsoever. Instead, its main ingredient is bull testicles. The testicles are skinned and pounded flat. They get a nice coating of flour, salt, and pepper, before being deep-fried and served. Young bulls are often castrated for veterinary reasons, so Rocky Mountain oysters probably came around when someone wondered whether the surplus of severed balls was edible. Today, several towns in the U.S. hold testicle festivals, events centering entirely around the consumption of these… Oysters.

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