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Many vaguely remember past efforts from the American government to try and regulate the internet. With the protections of Section 230, the country was thrown into a middle-ground situation where regulators and lawmakers tried to work within those boundaries. It’s not the case in Canada. With the push for the passage of Bill C-10, the country’s politicians are attempting to push their thumb on the scales of digital daily life. An open letter from the tech critics representing what’s left of the internet’s “free world” are all but ignored. To summarize the implications, consider what Conservative MP Rachel Harder asked Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault: “Will the CRTC be given the responsibility under C-10, the power to regulate the algorithms used by social media platforms to decide what type of content people can and cannot see on their Facebook feeds or the information they see on Google or YouTube?” The response waffled but it came down to yes. Thus the problem. Canadian lawmakers are pushing forward with their bill despite a survey of the Canadian public showing that it goes against their wishes.

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