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The federal government is committing almost $200 million to boost the manufacturing capacity at a Mississauga, Ont.-based plant in order to fulfill future vaccine and therapeutics needs. Federal innovation minister Francois-Philippe Champagne spoke to the announcement on Tuesday, stating that Resilience Biotechnologies will receive $199.16 million, which will go to “modernize and expand” the company’s facilities – a project with a total price tag of $401.51 million. “Once completed, the new facility is expected to be able to manufacture between 112 million and 640 million doses of mRNA vaccines per year – a significant boost to our domestic capacity. This will position Canada well to attract vaccine manufacturing for both the Canadian market and the export market,” said Champagne. Ottawa has previously announced funds to bolster mRNA vaccine production in the country, but not at this scale. In January, the government promised to dish out up to $5 million to Vancouver-based Providence Therapeutics and Northern RNA to “build a pipeline of mRNA vaccines.” Millions of additional dollars have gone to firms that make viral vector vaccines.

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