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On CNN’s “United Shades of America,” host W. Kamau Bell compared the violent left-wing extremist group Antifa to a beloved children’s music star, sanitized their violence, and admitted that innocent “people get hurt” — but implied it’s worth it. The show ended by claiming that white supremacists killed former Nation of Islam leader Malcolm X. Bell devoted a segment of his most recent show to the radical leftist group Antifa, whose violent nature has been a matter of record for years. “In 2020, many white Americans dealt with complicated feelings about the police for the first time,” Bell asserted. “The right-wing saw that, and they [sic] did what they do: They pulled a bait-and-switch, and returned to an old boogeyman: Antifa.” To short-circuit that racial reckoning, Bell claimed, conservatives preyed on their audience’s ignorance and support for traditional occupations like the police. “Images of people clad in black fighting in the streets was an easy idea to sell to people who say things like, ‘Blue Lives Matter,” said Bell. “Ain’t nobody blue,” he added. Bell then sanitized the aims and intentions of the frequently riotous, international movement.

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