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Pamela Karlan — a Democrat impeachment witness turned member of Joe Biden’s Justice Department — is attempting to obstruct the ongoing Arizona election audit despite warning about foreign election interference in 2017. Karlan, who made headlines for her smug attacks on former President Donald Trump’s 13-year-old son Barron during impeachment hearings, is spearheading the Biden regime’s efforts to discredit the Maricopa County election audit from her newfound role as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the Department of Justice. Karlan’s opposition to the audit — meant to safeguard election integrity — is at odds with 2017 statements from the former law professor regarding Trump, Russia, and potential foreign influence over U.S. elections. In a Salon interview, Karlan posited that “stealing an election” could occur, referencing that Trump and Russia may have colluded to do so: “But what if voter registration lists were manipulated? I asked her. “If it turns out that people were prevented from voting, that would be stealing an election,” she said definitively.

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