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New material for Canada’s new race-based “sensitivity training” programs has been found and uploaded to the public. It starts right off by saying bluntly that only white people can be racist. On Monday, the Trudeau government announced its new federal budget. It includes funds earmarked for a whole slew of new race-based data collection and analytics, which are believed to follow the tenets of the document, which the Toronto Sun brought to light by means of a freedom of information request. Shockingly, this literature goes way beyond the documents it will replace, and represents what some are calling a quantum leap from even a few short years ago. In fact, it positively states that it was inspired by what is called “Critical Race Theory” in the US. The 98-page bilingual document starts off with “myths and facts”, goes on to describe some narratives and then goes into some bullet lists and pseudo-charts. The document directly attacks and calls racist many things that might cause some eyes to pop. Among them are “objectivity”, “individualism”, a “sense of urgency”, “perfectionism,” “meritocracy as validation” and “fear of open conflict”.

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