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Amid what one law enforcement official has called a “seemingly indiscriminate cycle of violence,” the police union in Portland, Oregon, has a dire prediction for the city. “We are on the precipice of a gang war,” Daryl Turner, Executive Director of the Portland Police Association, posted Thursday on the union’s Facebook page. “Right now, our community has a sense of hopelessness. They have resigned themselves to the fact that things will get worse, not better. Residents are moving out of the City, businesses are being forced to relocate, and good, hard-working police officers are leaving the Bureau to work for other agencies,” he wrote. “Our elected leaders can no longer turn a blind eye and blame it on the pandemic. The surge in gun violence is directly related to the defunding of police — the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is catastrophically understaffed, our specialty units have been disbanded, and our response time to calls for service has understandably increased,” he wrote. Because of the spike in shootings. police and FBI units were conducted high-visibility patrols over the weekend.

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