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Lisa Keogh, a 29-year-old student completing her law degree at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland, is now facing disciplinary action by the institution after making allegedly “discriminatory” comments. Some of her fellow students took offence to Keogh’s saying that “women have vaginas” or that “the difference in physical strength of men versus women is a fact.” Keogh, a mother of two children, is close to graduating from law school at Abertay, and told reporters that she thought people were joking at first, when she started receiving emails from people telling her she was “transphobic,” according to the Scottish Sun. “I’m worried that my chance of becoming a lawyer, and making a positive contribution, could be ended just because some people were offended,” she said in an interview. “I thought there was no way that the university would pursue me for utilising my legal right to freedom of speech. I didn’t deny saying these things and told the university exactly why I did so. You have got to be able to freely exchange differing opinions otherwise it’s not a debate.”

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