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Let’s play a little thought experiment. Imagine if Hamas possessed a highly-advanced military and held the balance of power over Israel. Imagine if Israel repeatedly shot rockets into Hamas-controlled territory (deliberately targeting civilians for death). How do you think Hamas would respond? Do you think Israel would still exist right now? Seriously, ask yourself that question. Given the rampant anti-Semitism in many parts of the world, and the repeated calls for the total destruction of Israel by Hamas leaders and Hamas enablers, do you think that Israel would continue to exist if Hamas had the most powerful military in the region? I think you know the answer. Israel would have been carpet-bombed out of existence, with the population either killed outright or forcibly evicted from the entire region. In a short period of time, Israel would be completely overrun and overtaken by Hamas, with Hamas becoming another Arab state in the region with no place for Israeli’s. There would be brutal ethnic-cleansing and mass death. This thought experiment is important, because it tells you about the motives and the ethics of various participants in a fight.

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