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If a nation fails to imbue Citizens with a strong identity, then old identities will rise and dominate instead, creating a divided and tribalized society. One of the biggest mistakes of people like Justin Trudeau and much of Canada’s political class is to assume that human psychology and human nature has somehow dramatically changed. The ‘woke’ left acts as if human nature can be reshaped with ease, and rearranged at their leisure. In Trudeau’s case, he believes that Canada can become a ‘Post-National-State,’ where people move beyond the idea of national identity. What replaces that identity of course is never mentioned, and is left blank. This leaves a vacuum, and it’s a vacuum that will inevitably be filled. It’s no coincidence that Quebec has become far more assertive in pushing their unique identity, because they recognize the danger and the opportunity of Trudeau’s post-national experiment. If Canada’s identity is being wiped out and subsumed, Quebec’s identity will be subsumed as well, unless people there push back strongly — which is exactly what they are doing. Meanwhile, in the rest of Canada, many are meekly going along with Trudeau’s post-national agenda.

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