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At the last count, more than 460 news and media partners claiming to represent 57 countries and a “reach” of two billion people had signed up to “ten tips of best practice to get the climate story right”. The “partners” include various universities, newspapers, and non-governmental organisations, but also Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg and Reuters. Other signatories are Al Jazeera, Rolling Stone, Teen Vogue, Scientific American, the Mail and Guardian in South Africa, and Huffington Post. The “best practice” list is the handiwork of Covering Climate Now (CCN), founded in 2019 by the Columbia Journalism Review and The Nation, with The Guardian as the main partner. The Guardian has abandoned the term “climate change” for “climate emergency”. CCN seeks to collaborate with journalists in forging “an all newsroom approach to climate reporting”. What then are the ten tips that will enable journalists to “get the climate story right”?

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