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Some of the worst violence seen in years in Israel and Gaza has led to dramatic images of confrontation across the region’s skies. More than 2,000 rockets have been fired towards Israel by Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups in five days. But about 90% of the rockets have been intercepted by its flagship Iron Dome missile defence system, according to the Israeli military. The Iron Dome was specially designed to protect against a range of incoming short-range threats. They system has its roots in the war Israel fought with Lebanon’s militant Hezbollah movement in 2006, when thousands of rockets were launched into Israel – causing huge damage, mass evacuations and dozens of deaths. After that Israel said a new missile defence shield would be developed… The Iron Dome was expensive to develop but manufacturers say it is cost-effective because of technology it uses to differentiate between missiles likely to hit built-up areas and those that won’t. Static and mobile units only launch interceptor missiles to shoot-down anything interpreted as dangerous.

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