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When COVID-19 first emerged from China, and the federal government chose political correctness instead of sealing the border, the virus entered the country. As it spread, support for governments of all stripes and at all levels surged. Previously moribund politicians like Doug Ford saw surging approval ratings. Justin Trudeau went from a divisive, unpopular PM who had barely held on to power (even losing the popular vote), to a temporarily ‘unifying’ figure with high approval ratings and a daily audience of many Canadians watching his press briefings. As the crisis continued, and ’15 days to slow the spread’ went into months, we saw lockdowns that caused immense economic damage, damage that was only partially mitigated by immense government spending programs. There was widespread support for those programs – with all parties in the House of Commons and most provincial parties – backing government action. Even in the crisis environment, governments that called elections were rewarded, with the BC NDP gaining seats to get a majority, the Saskatchewan Party winning again, and the New Brunswick PCs gaining 7 seats to turn a minority government into a majority.

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