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When Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole broke his carbon tax promise, I repeatedly wrote about how Conservative MPs were showing a serious lack of self-respect by going along with it. And the stakes there were pretty big, as the breaking of a promise like that is no small matter. But the stakes of Justin Trudeau’s broken promise on vaccinations are far higher, measured in lives and economic devastation. Now, it’s time for Liberals MPs to be asked the following question: How can you expect anyone to vote for you if you keep backing up Trudeau’s lies and failures, showing disrespect to both yourselves and those you expect to vote for you? Just last month, Trudeau was talking about everyone being vaccinated by the end of summer. The government had repeatedly said everyone who wanted a vaccine (and they were talking about two-doses, not just one), would have them by the end of September. But now, in what is an obvious admission of failure, Trudeau (or more likely some advisor,) came up with the talking point of a “one-dose summer.” Amazingly, he says it as if it is some sort of accomplishment, as if we should thank him for failing to meet his earlier promise.

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