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The first four months of the Biden administration certainly have not been uneventful, but the coverage from the liberal media has been markedly different than under President Donald Trump. On a host of issues, the coverage from left-leaning news outlets has kept President Joe Biden out of the story, while during the Trump administration, pretty much everything was about Orange Man Bad. To be fair, the former president made a lot of things about himself, but if the recent gas shortage happened under Trump (or any Republican president), how many news outlets would be blaming him and demanding a response? So far, there has been almost no pressure on the Biden administration to do something about the various issues erupting under his watch. It was headline news when The Washington Post claimed the U.S. electricity grid was hacked through a utility in Vermont. It turned out that the real story was far more mundane: An employee’s laptop had some malware on it, but that laptop wasn’t connected to the electric grid and the malware had nothing to do with some Russian plot to hack America’s energy systems.

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