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Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted Thursday that “harassment is not making someone feel uncomfortable” — a claim that critics quickly blasted as laughably wrong and “truly alarming.” During a news conference in the Bronx, Cuomo — who’s facing multiple sexual harassment investigations — sparred with a reporter who confronted him over the February statement in which he apologized for past comments that “made others feel in ways I never intended.” “Do you acknowledge the fact that your intentions, according to the law, don’t matter in sexual harassment?” the reporter asked. “No. I said I never meant…I never meant to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” Cuomo said. During a heated back-and-forth with the reporter, Cuomo said, “You can leave this press conference today and say, ‘Oh, the governor harassed me.’ You can say that.” “I would say I never said anything that I believed was inappropriate. I never meant to make you feel that way,” he said. “You may hear it that way. You may interpret it that way. And I respect that. And I apologize to you if you — I said something you think is offensive.”

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