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Two Hitler Youth flags flying on separate rural Alberta properties last week have prompted police investigations. The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, a Jewish organization based in Toronto, filed a criminal complaint with the RCMP Sunday after being notified of Hitler Youth and Confederate flags displayed side by side, high in the air at a property near Breton, southwest of Edmonton. “It’s very disturbing for us. The swastika is the ultimate symbol of hatred, and for our community symbolizes terror and genocide,” the group’s policy director Jaime Kirzner-Roberts told VICE World News on Wednesday. “Our country went to war to defeat the Nazis. Canadians made unspeakable sacrifices to defeat the Nazis. So this man, to be flying these symbols, is such a profound slap in the face to our whole country and our values.” Kirzner-Roberts said police have spoken several times to the man who put up the flags and he’s refused to take them down. RCMP Const. Chantelle Kelly confirmed police have spoken to the man–whom they have not identified–and, to her knowledge, the flags have not been removed. Local Brazeau County Reeve Bart Guyon called for their removal in a statement Tuesday.

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