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People will only put up with so many mistakes and reversals before they stop listening. One of the things we’re seeing more of lately is politicians and public officials lamenting the supposed idea that people aren’t listening to them anymore. Hmm… I wonder why that would be happening… The arrogance of our public officials is seemingly matched only by their absolute cluelessness. They keep going in front of the camera, demanding we trust them, demanding we take them seriously, and demanding we listen to them, while repeatedly making immense errors and reversing themselves. It’s as if they expect us to simply forget or ignore all the times they’ve contradicted themselves, contradicted each other, and made appeals that were then proven to be wildly off base. “Trust the science.” “The best vaccine is the first one offered.” “Border controls cause harm.” “The virus is low risk.” Why should we believe anything these fools say after the absurd number of reversals they’ve made? At the beginning – when the virus was spreading in China and wasn’t in Canada at all – Patty Hajdu and Theresa Tam (along with the other ‘experts’) repeatedly told us it was ‘low-risk.’

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